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Yes, I will be grain-free for the rest of my life–and probably dairy-free and a few other things-free once I get it all sorted out.  I've been on this diet about eight months now.  The immediate euphoria and energy spurt has indeed worn off as it does for so many.  Now we're down to the brass tacks of actually healing.  The mpst enduring positive is that my asthma symptoms have basically disappeared, and I'm off all my inhalers (still taking some oral meds, but weaning those slowly).  I'm also almost completely off any meds for reflux, I don't snore anymore, and I don't swell up (retain water) the way i used to.  Still to go are the hypertension, thyroid issues, and adrenal fatigue.  I've also developed some peristent diarrhea which I'm trying to resolve by avoiding various lectin groups of food.  We've been traveling all summer, so that's been a tough one to incorporate into the routine. 

Besides the positive health changes I am seeing in myself, I'm also looking at the more long-term consequences (or at least associated consequences) of eating gluten that has affected my family–osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson's.  These I definetely want to avoid!  So, yes, it is now who I am–grain-free for life.