Lori Quandtfarmwife67

Grain Free forever! Once in awhile I fall off the wagon, like this last week we went on vacation and I got tempted and drank some juices with corn syrup and started drinking my diet coke again. Long story short, my husband was quick to tell me I was twitching at night and snoring again.  My nephew was shocked to think my husband would notice that and know it was from my diet.  He has been through this with me long enough and he now knows too, when I eat something I shouldn't. I can't hide it from anyone! LOL  My tendons have also started hurting again and that was almost gone.  It is amazing that only a week can do that to me.  I wish I could convince all of my family and friends because I just know it would help them too!  Oh and I also got kind of moody (I didn't just admit that though) for a couple of days.  I know better, but it always gives me a big reminder when I eat stuff I shouldn't.

Long story short it is worth it for the rest of my life to eat this way!


I am grain free, sugar free, dairy free, low carb (no taters), no fruits except apples and berries, no molds (mushrooms), trying to give up legumes too, but that is taking time.  I know if I could give up my carbs other than veggies I would get back to losing weight. My weight has been at a stand still.  It may sound restrictive but it works for me!