Peter OsbornePeter Osborne


I would think there has to be some type of research to support your position with your daughter.  I don’t of anything right off, but depending on the specific type of issues she’s dealing with, you could do a medical search on it.  That is just terrible that her father feeds her what she should not be having!  How old is she now?  I guess the best thing to do is teach HER to tell her Dad she “can’t have that”; maybe she’s not old enough to talk though?  That is a tough situation, I’m sorry she and you are having to deal with that. Frown

Can you give me an example of what type of dish you “take along” to functions.  I’m having trouble coming up with something that you can prepare ahead of time that is in a single casserole type dish.  We used to always go with gluten free lasagna, but now with being dairy and grain free I need a new idea.