Peter OsbornePeter Osborne

Dr. O, I just wanted to tell you thanks so much for posting that video, I thought it was excellent!  I emailed it to over a dozen friends and family whom I suspect to be gluten intolerant, hopefully it will hit home with some/all of them.  The fact that you and your kids are gluten free is so encouraging; we find it hard to find anyone who can relate to our lifestyle. 

We have all our meals at home, other than packing a lunch if have to we go somewhere (which can be a challenge for two adults and four kids).  The main difficulty is social events such as reunions, holidays, parties etc where food is the center OR overnight trips.  How does your family deal with these situations?  I know in the video you mentioned recognizing the problem as the first step, but then what?  Do you not attend, bring your own food, eat before go whenever possible?  Recently we attended a church function at a waterpark where the kids played for a few hours then when everyone else went to a pizza party we chose just to leave because it was an hour from our home and we needed to think about our next meal, but we felt bad about missing out on the fellowship. 

What if the event entails everyone sitting around a table eating (such as a dinner party)?  There are so many times I just want to stay home, but don’t want to become a hermit!  The other trouble I have is that being small and skinny and not eating at events, I am worried people will think I have anorexia as it has been mentioned in the past (which I do NOT, I have always been a big eater but reacently have had many foods I’ve had to avoid).  Any suggestions you can give would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks