Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Back in 2009, way before discovering the gluten problem in Oct.2011,  I had to take Prilosec daily for reflux and burning but immediately (after the first usage of this product) stopped my 20 years of gastric reflux problems.  That is not even what I bought it for but nice.  Read for yourself and see the lab reports from Texas Tech Univ. and Texas State Univ. and watch the testimonial videos and decide for yourself.  I want to help and can only tell my fortune and am not trying to be a “troll” as I have nothing to gain.  You mix a bottle of this with a gallon of drinking water and take one or two ounces a day in some preferred juice or drink for flavor. I only use it every other day now. This first link is the new website with all the links to research,testimonials,labs, etc;    http://orizonresearch.org/

Other than the mention of Silicon the rest of this high alkaline formula is proprietary. I did send an e-mail and got a reply from Dr. Chestnut who is the director of the company. He said this product is totally gluten free and not processed any where near grains, etc.  No adverse effects have been reported in the years of being sold.    Look for yourself and decide,   I actually feel like this product killed the “possible” bad pylori bacteria in my stomach and stopped the reflux/burning problem but can't offer proof, just total symptom relief with no more burning or taking any Prilosec or other acid meds.   Dr. Chestnut in his e-mail told me he also had reflux that stopped after using this product.  They are reporting that this supplement kills all the major bacterias,viruses and cancer cells and help restore cell stability?

  Do your own investigation and decide for yourself. 

PS: I just wanted to add that I'm sure this product contains only natural plant ingredients and no chemicals.  A trace amount of silicon for bone health and my guess on the proprietary part is squeezed juice from a veggie like brocolli and the special ingredient could possibly be the juice from the old time “paw-paw” fruit? Just a guess but something similar and the high alkalinity does affect/kill all the bacteria,virus and cancer cell replication. Do a “Google” lookup for sources of information.