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@Stephanie Sherie said:

Rice milk would not be a good option for a true gluten free diet. If you are able to have cashews, I love cashew milk. It is very easy to make also. Just google it. I think it has the best flavor too. (more creamy)

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Thank you Lori!! :-)


YEAH!  I was concerned the rice milk would fall in the grain category.
I have a sensitivity to cashews as well. It never ends…..
Yes, I do the applegate hot dogs and bacon.

Anyone tried the Dandy Blend herbal coffee? It says gluten free but it’s roasted barley and rye which seems counter intuitive.

Now for another food question:
Does anyone think the McDonald’s latte’s have gluten? I get them non-fat with sugar-free vanilla. Thanks!


What about 90% dark chocolate?  Does it automatically have gluten?

Stephanie, perhaps try to NOT eat prepared foods. NEVER eat at fast [junk] food restaurants, ever. You hungry? drive past chic-fil-a, mcdonalds, etc, and go to the market. Buy some berries, some grapes, and some raw almonds. Some filtered [chlorine, chloramines free, non-fluoridated] water. Makes a great snack, and won’t mess with blood sugar levels.

Once you get out of the habit of always reaching for prepared, prepackaged foods, you will be happier with your choices.