Dana FritzscheDana

I cut out EVERYTHING but meat, fresh vegetables, and berries. So no grains, no dairy, no processed foods, no sugars. I also decided to go all in and cut out caffeine. I did that for 3 weeks. The first week I stopped the sodas and caffeine, then the next two stopped everything else. Slowly add one thing at a time. So for a week eat brown rice everyday twice a day if you can. Once you are sure you are not reactive, then you can add back in other stuff. I started with what I thought I was reacting too…and yep I sure did react.

Dairy in excess and excess varies on the season and the type of dairy , is a problem
Quinoa is a big problem for me
Rice on a daily basis is bad
wheat, hops and barely —okay beer and whiskey is super reactive.
So far corn appears to be safe.

I am not sure about testing. I want to know but I am afraid of another answer that doesn’t solve my major problems (eczema and edema). After I stop the dairy or the quiona it takes about 3 weeks to get my body back to normal. From what I read it depends on how bad your gut is damaged to make a guess on how long it takes to return to “normal.”