Thank you so much for responding. I have such a long story regarding all of this, but in short, I went gluten free 4 yrs ago when my daughter was having issues and was told to stay off gluten. My fibromyalgia had been so painful and made me so sick for the past 20 + yrs (I thought) that I was willing to try anything. So I went on the diet with my daughter and to much of my surprise, within 36 hrs my horrible pain and feeling ill (including severe vertigo) had basically disappeared. It was like someone had given me a muscle relaxant and a nerve suppressant, without drugs. Nothing any doctor or treatment had ever been able to accomplish. I have never been able to take drugs so I just relied on massage therapy and chiropractic every 4 weeks to keep toxins flowing through and keep me out of bed. I developed severe candida after a yr on the GF diet. Bottom line is I was diagnosed through an LEAP-MRT blood test (130 foods, 20 chemicals) with Multiple food and chemical sensitivities in Sept ’12, I also forgot to mention at that point I was diagnosed with systemic candida/leaky gut. I am also a 11-1/2yr breast cancer survivor (with all the surgeries, chemo etc. I believe it made everything worse). Have been avoiding all foods and chemicals sensitive to which ends up being like 80 out of 150. I have to watch a lot of foods because of the chemicals found in the food I am sensitive to, eg. I can’t have egg yolks, soy or corn which have lecithin (which I react to) also sunflower, peanuts have it too. Any form of MSG etc. There is a long list. I can’t have nut milk unless I make my own from scratch (along with everything else) due to the other ingredients. I use almonds for everything needing nuts, but have to buy organic raw, soak them in reverse osmosis water to detoxify them, take the skins off each individual one before grinding them for flour or eating them. Things on my list of non reactive foods (which is not much) most of them set off my candida (this is getting slightly better though). I can’t have any form of sugar (even natural, fruits etc.), rice,corn, chicken, pork, turkey,lamb (have to eat grass fed beef), egg yolks, dairy, legumes, beans. I can’t even drink anything besides reverse osmosis water. I can’t even add lemon or anything into my water for a different taste. I don’t know what else I could try at this point. When I have tried or try different foods, not on the list, I just react. It is crazy. As far as suppliments go, I have not had luck finding any without some form of chemical/additive in it that I am sensitive to. I research every day for natural foods for digestion and healing candida/leaky gut. This has been my life, consuming it, for the past yr. My husband doesn’t help, since he believes that “a couple of crumbs won’t kill me”. Of course I know I am more than likely getting cross-contaminated by him. I can’t get him to realize that I am doing the best I can but that he could be keeping me sick. I have told him that I don’t know if it is what I am eating or what I am being cross-contaminated with that is keeping me sick. He doesn’t want to hear it, if it means he has to change anything. Stress is a huge factor in all this, which I have been to counseling to learn to reduce this.

Now that I have talked your ear off with just a portion of my history, going back to the foods, I am running out of options for food substitutes, since there always seems to be something in the substitute I can’t either tolerate or it sets my candida off. I am trying to gain weight or maintain what I have, but it is hard to due when all u basically can eat is greens and things without many calories.

Thank you so much for listening and if you have anymore suggestions, please feel free to let me know them. Also, thank you sooo much for telling me how to post on this forum. Again, I am not even on facebook and it took me forever to even figure out how to respond to your posting. I guess we all live and learn. Thanks again and have a wonderful day.

To a Happy and Healthy New Year,