I am glad you aren’t going to give up. I am glad to be able to help.

I have been trying to fix my health for 30 years. My main symptom was fatigue, but looking back I realize it was much more. 20 years back I was home schooling from the couch. I got rescued by chiro’s supplements, but later quit. Five years back I would fall asleep between words on a spelling test!

Actually, Five years back, I was dying. I got on supplements (Chiropractor recommended) that lowered my high blood presure and stopped my pulse from dropping into the basement when I stood up. I think these supplements helped me to tread water. BUT we didn’t know about the celiac. I have no family history of celiac, so it was a surprise.

My chiro asked a couple of times if I was still eating gluten. Then I looked into gluten stuff. Gasp, maybe this is it! I thought. I went traditional gluten free and soon realized I was reacting with dizziness and bloating when barley was in the room. I went through withdrawl symptoms which included fatigue, depression, and irritabitlity. I thought it would be good to have some testing, but discovered you can’t be on a gluten free diet when you have a blood test. I decided the genetic test was for me. My positive results came back with helpful information about Grain free, (About 6 months back) so decided to go that stringent for a while. I began a new batch of withdrawl. I found myself reacting to airborne rice being cooked on the stove. I am not planning to go back to grain anymore.

My husband supports me financially. He has allowed me to change diet over the years. He has started our organic farm and gardening. He still can’t relate to my lack of physical energy. The guy feels invigorated after weeding the raspberries for hours! He just excerts himself as much as desired. I plan things like how to get my refrig at a level that I can reach it easy. How to reduce the number of steps in any physcial activity. When I say my husband is on board to some degree he is. I still long for extra support because of the hardships I am going through. A mother has to do her job even when she is sick.

ONe does have to keep in mind what the husband does, do, rather than what they are not doing. I have trouble with that. It was atleast a couple of months after gluten free before he told me he now believed that I had a gluten problem. He admitted that he didn’t know really how serious it was. He doesn’t understand that yet. For my part I wouldn’t want to live with me.

I have 6 children living at home. Most are genetically related and they certainly have the genetics for celiac. Some are starting to notice that acne occurs when they eat out. My youngest children help care for me. They ask if I should be eating this or that today. Caution me from mistakes! They also don’t mind my gluten free cooking and actually like it. My eldest daughter recently helped me to make a rotational diet schedule. At first I didn’t think most of my family could eat gluten free foods. Now, I get some help with it. I would insert smiley, but I can’t.

Okay, Roberta, this isn’t the most private contact method, but it has the potential to help others at the same time! Anyone is welcome to have their say if they wish.