Thank you for your information. I have already been doing those things. I have a separate fridge/freezer (but have to walk stairs up and down every time I need something). We have a very small kitchen with hardly any counter space. There is no room for any folding tables as well. I have separate cupboard space, but there is only one space for silverware and utensils etc. He always seems to get his hands into my space, then acts like he didn’t (he won’t take responsibility for his own actions, which is very frustrating, even if I watch him do these things he will deny it then get mad). I have to always watch what he is doing and have to cook everything myself, without his help because of fear of cross-contamination. I also have to put all clean dishes away after going through the dishwasher because he has a tendency to put things down on his side of the counter and then pick them up and put them away. So, I have done everything I could think of to protect my self, including getting my own toaster and electric can opener etc.

Regarding weight, I have never been able to gain any weight until I had cancer and ended up with a total hysterectomy (as a preventative for ovarian cancer and because my cancer grew strictly off of estrogen). I had gained 20 lbs then. Went on a diet, when my husband had to lose weight, to support him and lost 15 lbs. That was like 6 yrs ago and lost the rest when I went gluten free and have yet to gain any weight back. I might gain a couple of pounds, but that is only when my candida flares up and I feel horrible again.

My husband says he sees improvements but that it comes and goes. I told him that is because “when it goes” there is an issue and he isn’t helping it. I don’t know if it is what I ate or something I have come into contact with. But of course he doesn’t get it.

Because of your encouragement, I am not giving up, like I felt like doing a couple of days ago. I went to the store yesterday and am going to try new things. Thank you for your support and encouragement, it means a great deal, again since I don’t feel like I am going through all of this by myself. I had no support after the initial cancer surgeries (from my husband), so this should be no surprise that he doesn’t support me through any of this too. My husband just doesn’t understand that I was diagnosed with my cancer exactly 3 yrs after my mother passed way from hers (and I took care of her at the end). He said the cancer treatment was done so now forget about it. I was gutted like a fish (have no female parts left in me). By the way, we have been to counseling a few times, but he won’t follow through with it. We have been married for almost 30 yrs now so there is a lot of time and energy invested here.

Well I need to try eat something right now, but thanks again for everything.

I forgot, if you already told me, but how long ago did you go gluten free and how long did it take your husband to climb on board?

Thank you so much, again and you have yourself a great day!

I am so glad you are feeling very-very well! You deserve it!