I think I didn’t really explain how long I have been working at this, but since the gluten issue was figured out 4 yrs ago I thought I had it pinned down. Obviously I didn’t and these other issues were diagnosed. I have struggled with being “sick” my whole life. It has just been in the past yr that I have had allergens removed from my diet/airbourne, as much as I can humanly help. I have always “eatten to survive” instead of people who “survive to eat”, if you know what I mean. I truly believe that my cancer and cancer treatments really did me in with my gut etc. I have 3 other sisters with issues, my oldest with a lot like mine, but not as severe, because I am the only one who has been through cancer (runs in our family, BRCA1 mutation, breast/ovarion cancer gene). My grandmother, mother and one aunt passed away from this and my other aunt, cousin and myself are survivors, so far.

You are lucky to have a husband who allows you not to have gluten in your home (even if he isn’t happy about it). Mine tells me it is my problem not his so he shouldn’t have to do anything about it. I have been told several times that he is tired of having to deal with my allergy/sensitivity issues. He has been told by the health profession what needs to be done, but again, I believe he doesn’t care since he won’t do what I need to protect myself. He will tell the professionals that he is all on board, he will try for maybe 2 weeks then goes right back to what he was doing (which is cross-contaminating me). By the way my 18 month old granddaughter has just as many issues as I have. I feel so sorry for her because her doctors/allergist and not even my daughter (her mother) will listen to me about leaky gut, so she will never get better. I just wish I could get my husband to fully support me like I did when he had stroke level blood pressure 6 yrs ago and I got it down with diet and exercise (because meds weren’t helping it, it was the sodium and stimulants including alcohol abuse). Anyway, I do have my down days because I feel like I am so drained (24/7) trying to find things to eat that don’t feed my candida or make the leaky gut worse and also hoping I don’t become allergic to any more foods or chemicals. Sometimes I feel like I need to be in a bubble, if you know what I mean.

Thank you for your support. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one going through this (which I already knew) but sometimes I just feel like I am in this by myself. I worry so much for my granddaughter though since no one will listen to me and they think I am crazy. This monster is being passed from generation to generation and it has got to stop, just like our breast/ovarian cancer in the family.

If there is any time you need someone to talk to even if just to vent, please I am here for you and thank you for being there for me also.

Hope you have a great weekend and as always, please feel better.

Thanks so much,