“This has been my life, consuming it, for the past yr. My husband doesn’t help, since he believes that “a couple of crumbs won’t kill me”. Of course I know I am more than likely getting cross-contaminated by him. I can’t get him to realize that I am doing the best I can but that he could be keeping me sick. I have told him that I don’t know if it is what I am eating or what I am being cross-contaminated with that is keeping me sick. He doesn’t want to hear it, if it means he has to change anything. Stress is a huge factor in all this, which I have been to counseling to learn to reduce this.”

Oh, so sorry. My husband doesn’t seem to really get it either. He isn’t unloving just uninformed and unwilling to study it for himself. He did accept that I have a problem with gluten. We don’t cook it in the house anymore. He tolerates allowances for it, but he is not happy about it. I am not the gladdest “volunteer” in the world either. I feel like I need a guy doctor to call him up and instruct him. Sometimes he decides to really support me emotionally and then I can soar. Hopefully, it will all work out. The Celiac diagnosis wasn’t on the marriage contract it was a surprise!

Your life “consuming you” for the last year. I hope you are going to fly now! I have been at the “health race” for much longer. There are so many things to try. Keep on keeping on. I just quit buying grains since I do most of the shopping. I was reacting to stuff airborne, so what choice did I have?

I guess I need to check this forum more often, I am working my way up with my number of posts and only need 16 more to catch the next highest poster!