The blood tests are helpful, but my chiro told me that they are proved or disproved by experience. There is some subjectivity involved and mistakes can be made. I try everything not tested (and not commonly eaten by me) that I can. I added lamb and bison to my diet for variety. I also vary my fish selections. To make the rotational diet work, I needed atleast 4 different proteins. The test looks for antibodies (The body fighting off an out of place food). If you have not eaten it or something like it, you must not have antibodies to it.

I got a virus. It doesn’t seem to be hitting as hard as the last one. Maybe I have found the secret now?

I eat things I am modereatly intolerant of. I admit that buckwheat was the only one considered moderate. The main point, I was told, was not to eat it more often than every 4 days. Our tests were different though.