The only protein I tested ok for was beef, since I hardly ate it. I also can only eat 100% grass fed meat. My egg is somewhat high green and the rest, turkey, lamb moderately reactive and pork and chicken severly reactive.I was tested for 20 different veggies and am reactive to 8 of them. The ones I am not are either greens or they feed my candida like sweet potatoes and tomatoes (due to the acidity). I can’t gain weight on greens! I react to whey and curds so I have to stay away from dairy as well. I am even high green on oregano, garlic, mint, dill, basil, coconut, ginger,paprkia, cinnamon, yellow on turmeric, cane sugar and red on maple and cocoa. Those are just the flavor enhancers they tested for. They also told me I could eat wheat, but just like you, I knew better. But spelt, barley, quinoa are all very high greens almost touching yellow and I never have eatten these. My doctor told me that anything yellow or red is considered as an allergy and to watch out for he high greens, they could cause a problem also. Also even if I tested ok for a food, if it had a chemical in it that I was allergic to I would just have to watch for reactions. In the chemical area, between the sorbic acid, caffeine, lecithin all being very yellow, almost red and MSG being red, it takes a lot of foods out of the equation.

To answer your question, I did get a rotational planning, but they didn’t take into consideration my candida problem, which again took a lot more foods off my list. It is almost impossible to get rid of the candida (even though I was on meds for a while) and then be able to eat right to heal the gut. I, too, try to have a protein with every meal and I need to eat at least 4 meals a day to feel decent. To get enough variety of foods with such a short list is almost impossible. I really don’t have any other proteins besides salmon, tuna and beef that I can have for meals. I am really afraid to keep trying other foods that I haven’t been tested for, because I haven’t had much luck with that. I get tired of backsliding, if you know what I mean.

Since I am basically allergic to cane sugar (can’t have other sugars because of the candida) I tried stevia again (which I used a lot, in the past, but wasn’t tested for it) and seem to be having an issue with that as well.

My registered dietician and my doctor were both surprised that I was reactive to so many things. I was told to just keep trying and stay away from things that bother me. So another words, it is hit or miss with my diet, as it has always been for me. The only thing different is that I have the test to help me figure out what to stay away from.

I hope you continue to heal and incorporate more foods back into your diet without sliding backwards.

Thank you for giving me your advice. Hope you have a great night!