I have bites of fruit rather than a whole bunch. I hope I can get by that way. I would pick another protein at breafast then. Maybe beef, I would maybe get a really little crock pot and turn it on overnight. If you can tolerate them you could put in Basil, fennel, and/or oregano for a sausage like product. I am a firm believer in protein for every meal. One could have cheese or yougart, but I mention it last since I cannot tolerate them. I suspect you cannot either.

I try to get as much variety as I can. Therefore I eat veges and fruit which I wasn’t tested on as much as possible. When I go to the store I search out and eat an unusal one for me. Then I can eat it for 24 hours and not worry about the 4 day rotation of it. I am considering if I haven’t eaten it, or its family, I don’t have antibodies for it.

Buckwheat was my most reactive food. I found out it is the same family as rhubarb, so you would not have to eat it specifically to have antibodies. I was eating cross contaminated buckwheat, quite frequently, at the time. I have since found some to grind my own. Since I am much improved, I think it is working.

I had only low level of antibodies to everything in my diet. The exception buckwheat at the time. My scoring system was between 1-5. 5 being the harshest. My top, buckwheat, was 3. Crab was 2 and everything else in my diet was 1.
The rotational diet allows me all of these things, but only every forth day.

Did you get a rotational diet plan with your testing? It might have some ideas. I know I had to make substitutions with mine, because they didn’t know what I was not eating . For example wheat was suggested every forth day. (OOPS) I knew better anyway.

I am very careful with all sweeteners. I don’t know that I have yeast problems now, but when I went grain free I smelled a yeast smell on my skin, I use small amounts of honey or agave in my baking. I tend toward hypoglycemia, so have been careful with sugar a very long time. I used liquid stevia until I learned mine was contaminated with wheat. I am surely losing pleasure in anything processed without me.

I only have to make 9 more posts to top Jackie, the 2nd highest poster. Where are all these people?

All better, I hope.