I can not have eggs due to the lecithin in the yolks and I tested with a mild reaction to the whole egg. I do try to make foods using just the egg whites, but then again I have to limit it. There were only a couple of fish that I wasn’t considered reactive to (generally safe with), but I eat those for lunch and dinners. Have had a few for breakfast, but not my cup of tea.

I am severely reactive to buckwheat (which I had never had), mildly reactive to coconut (strong anti-fungal, get die-off pretty bad from the candida, so I really can’t have much coconut anything) and all bean and legumes I either have a mild to moderate reaction to, so I have to stay away from them also. I also have organic extra virgin olive oil daily (hoping not to become sensitive to this also) but I really have no choice on the oils.

When I say I react to a food or chemical, I mean it is very hard for me to function (thinking, moving or sometimes even short of breath) it is horrible. So I try to stay in the safe zone, which isn’t much, if I stick with the list of things I was tested for. When I try to venture off, even trying to keep foods I try in the same food family of my safe foods, I eventually start going backwards and get very depressed. When I mean I am safe with these foods, I mean I don’t react, as they put it, high green (non-reactive), yellow (moderately reactive, or red (severely reactive). Also I was tested for 22 varieties of fruits, reactive to 13 of them and the rest feed my candida, so every time I try to eat a non-reactive fruit, I have some sort of a reaction. I just read up on the benefits of raw organic honey and I decided to give this a shot since it has a natural anti-fungal property. Hope this works out!

Do you just work with the foods you were tested for or do you try to venture off to ones that you weren’t tested for? If you venture off, how does that work for you?