I would assume that the blood tests are the most accurate then. Did you get help with beginning a rotational diet and do you just stick with what you were tested for? Cutting out my moderate to severe reactive foods has helped me out tremendously, but I can not even handle my mild reactive ones either, which cuts a lot more out of my diet.

It sounds like you have a great chiro. I have one also along with a massage therapist, who by the way, nailed the candida a long time ago (but doctors didn’t) go figure.

If you don’t mind me asking, what kinds of foods do you usually have for breakfast. Breakfast has always been my favorite meal, but this one is so challenging since I do not like to eat left-over dinner for breakfast. Was wondering if you had any ideas or what you might do. Any help would be appreciated!

As with you, I do feel myself improving, but it is a slow process! All we can do is keep our chinns up and keep plucking away forward.

Hope you have a great day!