Hi Kathy,

I am a mother also. I grew up on Lucky Charms, Golden Grahams, and grapenuts. My Mom thought better of it while we were still young and avoided the Lucky Charms and sugary cereals. How sad I was then, but glad for it now.

I must have missed your post somehow. I usually answer long before 5 days go by. Shame on me, I think you have quite a story.

I got into natural foods, especialy home baked bread, to overcome health difficulties. Needless to say, I didn’t get better, instead I just about died 6 years back. At that time, supplements helped me tread water until I went grain free and began to heal from the root of my problems.

You have a family history, I had none. My genetic test showed my genes were 4/4. Surprise!

I have been grain free for about 7 months and am feeling more energetic. I have pondered at times an all raw diet, but I think my friends on it look sick. I have opted for a balanced protein to carb diet with small amounts of good fats with meals.

I hope you will be able to incorporate a healing-for-you diet. I find the tests listed on this website to be helpful along with the videos and ideas presented. I like to write, so you can see my stuff all over the place.

Oh, I must say that I am slightly younger than you. I dare think I will be 50 this year. Things are looking up.