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Mark said:

when I first went gluten free, I wasn't eating any grains and eveything was good, but then there was a time where I felt return of symptoms 2 hours after eating a steak salad.  I drive by the place where that meat came from and I can see they have animal feed which looks like grains.  Now I eat meat that is garenteed 100% grass fed, and I don't have problems.  It's hard to be sure whats going on, but I am sure of how I feel.  In my situation, it's not easy to discuss, but my personailty becomes really weird and outof controll, which usually happens after I eat or drink something that causes it.  EVERYBODY, even smart respectable people, assert to me that it has nothing to do with food, and that I need physcological help.  It isn't fun.  I'm extra careful about not ingesting any gluten, and I find my personaility in control.  Anyway, it's very interesting to me to hear from Dr. Osborne that many patients react to grain fed animals because that wouldn't make my own reactions seem so crazy.  One purpose of writting this is to see if other people have similar problems, but otherwise, it seems I am fine until I eat or drink something that causes symptoms, which always ends up having hidden corn, rice, or other glutens.  I assume it falls under food allergies/leaky gut/brain is why I have reactions, and that overtime, those irregularities will stabilize, and a little gluten by accident won't cause symptoms.


Mark – I'm new here, however, in reading your post I can relate.  I've said for years that I wish I could go back to myself (the person I know I am).  I get terrible moods, just down right hateful and NOT ME.  Since I've been GF the real me has come back, but when I eat corn or accidently glutenize myself, the bad person is back and it's so hard to try to remember that it's not really me and that it will pass.  I think we are both on the right track.  Validation is a wonderful tool.  Use it.