Lori Quandtfarmwife67

Martha, Thanks that last paragraph is a really good one (the whole post is good too, but I told him all of that already and still said, he thought I would be fine eating just a trace) I love the last paragraph though I will try and explain it that way. I am to the point where I am going to tell him, I would appreciate it if he would keep his comments to himself, we obviously don't agree and I am happy and healthier (MUCH healthier) eating the way I do.  

I recently fell off the wagon and ate some BBQ sauce and some miracle whip (on several occasions) and I now have acne, joint aches, hot flashes and just plain blah feeling. I KNOW I have done it to myself and I am back on the wagon today.  I pray I don't ever do that again, it isn't worth it. I was doing so well, with my diet and feeling so good, I just said to  myself, oh a little bit won't hurt, because I am healed now.  Yea well I learned my lesson!