Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

In all fairness to this website GFS and Dr.O, I have run into this webbrowser compatability with other websites and a few where I pay my bills. I was frustrated enought with one of them to really complain and make myself obnoxious about it.  Their site engineer then explained to me that their website was designed to operate fully effectively with the latest MS IE browser and all the browsers do not fully mimic that language and programming due to some “in house” desigining on the different browsers. Some are close and I've found Chrome and Opera to be the closest.  Firefox and Safari have many compatability issues as newer browsers are created and some problems with the different “developer” tools.    Anyway, the website engineer said that for them to make their webpage fully compatable with all browsers would require a lot of cost to program the different requirements that would display a totally different page appearance on each browsers and not something they were willing to do.  I sure love Firefox and they know they have problems too and that's where the fix needs to be made but they are also seeming to resist?   Most all pages view fully and properly when using the IE browser that comes on all PC type computers and if not can be downloaded from the internet if needed.   It's an annoyance to change browsers for certain websites but I really am not fond of IE and use my Firefox or Opera when possible.