Rita BrayRita Bray

Hi Lauren


In the last few weeks there have been changes made to the website and I have found a way to navigate through the changes.   Please stay with it a little longer and see if there is information that will be helpful.  This site has helped so many people.


When you get to the homepage, you will find a box “search”.  Type in “Members Only”.  Click on the Welcome link.  That should help you to find all of the TV, Tutorials, articles, etc.  If you want information on a particular condition or a topic of interest, you can search for those also.


About those Ads.  They bother me too.  That is a new thing I think, or I have never noticed them before.  They do not support what Dr Osborne teaches about gluten free and good nutrition.  It was explained to me by the techies, that You Tube is responsible for the adsCry


But you can express your concerns here and also contact support by email.  This forum is for us and our well being, so speak up!