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Hi ,
My name is Rhonda and I am fairly new to GFS. I have been here a couple of weeks just reading lots of good info. Smile I was diagnosed more than a year ago with a “possible” gluten sensitivity and esophagus spasms. I have inside side pains, chest pains and fast heart beats. Cardiologist said my heart was good after a nuclear stress test, EKG, blood work and x-ray and then basically released me. MD put me on a beta blocker to help keep my heart from beating fast. He tried to put me on zoloft but I refused it.. This pain is not in my head and I am definitely not depressed! He also diagnosed me with “underwire bra syndrome” and had me throw out my underwire bras. ??? I quit going to the doctor in the past year for the pains I still have cause I am low on money and they are getting NO where! Everyone just wants to put me on a pill to fix it .
I have had in the past few years….. very itchy legs, swollen ankles, weight gain, headaches, achy painful hip joints, lower back pain, blurred vision, sore gums and now esophagus spasm that affect my breathing and the pain in my sides feel like ants crawling all in my insides. (not sure if it’s my intestines or what) . Going gluten free has help quiet a bit but the esophagus spasms and side pains still haunt me. So I am sure I am getting some hidden gluten or corn somewhere. I try to follow a Paleo diet and we never eat out anymore. I have taken the family gluten free too, almost Paleo as well. I have spent over a year researching gluten sensitivity and that’s when I found Dr Osborne online. It has been a long road trying to take myself completely GF! I think I am getting closer but I need a little more help and am sure I will reach it one day. I think that corn bothers me much more than any gluten. I buy pastured chicken and eggs and have to make sure the chicken is not fed corn, grains or soy. Sometimes I just avoid chicken and eggs altogether.
However, I am having a hard time finding a toothpaste without gluten, or baking soda. (I have yet to find a baking soda without cornstarch or dusted with corn). Today is a day that I am feeling better but I haven’t brushed my teeth yet (yuck) except with water and a new toothbrush. Any ideas with what I can use? I am willing to make my own if I have to. Thanks for listening.


Hi There, I’m a newbie too. Have you tried peroxide? Also, I ordered something called tooth powder that is made of spices. It is in place of tooth paste. kind of like brushing with cloves and parsley. Laugh