Greetings Tricia,

I was not tested for auto-immune diseases, so I believe that to be the reason that I can’t say that I had any. I had a symptom of plummeting blood pressure when I stood up. I Could stand anyway with sheer determination sometimes! I was painfully fatigued, though.

Supplements helped me tread water until we found out about my gluten problem 5 years later. I did a classic gluten free diet for a couple months and then found Dr. Osbornes. Since I already knew I had problems with corn I elected to exclude rice also to try it. I appreciate the information I found here.

I sure hope your MS will be helped by gluten free.


I would also like to point out that I am just about to pass up Jackie (2nd highest ) in number of posts to the forum. She hasn’t posted for a very long time. Sometimes, I feel like I am taking over the forum. I am having a good time doing it.