Ok I find this posting site not user friendly…hope this find you all….Hello, my name is Monique. Six years ago, I started to develop sores all over my body, lost an immense amount of scalp hairs, eyebrows, body hair completely gone and lost the sense of sweating. The nightmare began. Diagnosed first as Lou Gherig’s disease, then others came. I just about was ready to seal my coffin and my friend, a dermatologist, stated Herpetiformis dermatitis which he said just go on a gluten free diet….really??? so where do I go from here can you help? he couldn’t! well, ok! so on my own this is where my savings went out the window with a vast array of doctors, tests, biopsies, mri, ct scans, xrays xrays galore, prescriptions, to finally end up at the psychiatrist. But with persistency I hung in there. I am at a road now that I found a physician(gastro) who is canadian like I, and Canada is really on the forefront of Celiac disease and gluten intolerance. Just recently I had a genetic testing done just for the mere fact I told the new doc, hey I have been sick like this since I was a little girl. Nothing new. So still hurting, still going strong gluten free, but still sick, hair is back(thank G-d cause a wig was next), and just waiting again for results. Will keep you apprise. I can’t cook, I hate to cook but I think now I have to start doing it even if I burn it. Usually I buy everything that says gluten free frozen. Although I am finding a lot of allergy like symptoms after my favorites: peanut butter, chocolate, yogurt? humm! hope to hear from absolutely anyone to tell me I am not crazy.
Thank you.