Hi Brenda,

Welcome to the site. I am a relative newbie to the gluten free world as I was just diagnosed in July. I have been off all grains since then and am trying to rebuild my body through supplements and diet.  Being a patient of Dr. Osborne I hope I can speak for him and say a resounding yes to going off corn and rice, along with all the other grains! He has a list posted here on the site that gives you a list of everything to avoid. He also has a great list for all the hidden corn based ingredients that is very extensive. It is very helpful. I have been taking it with me to the store lately when looking for make up, creams, lotions, shampoo etc. You wouldn't believe all the hidden ingredients in all that stuff!!!! This jouney has been a real eye opener to me!

He also has some great “tutorial” videos on the site that also helped me a lot!

I have recently started Potent C Guard by Perque for my adrenals/thyroid function. Might want to check with your Dr. to see if that might be something to consider. I'll let you know how it works!Smile

God bless,