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Debbie, Nice to meet you.  I was able to watch some of the videos yesterday.  I will look into the vitamin C too.   I have had to educate myself on adrenals, my doctor was very honest and told me she didn't know much about it and had a name to see someone else.  I have researched this so much on my own, took some tests I was able to order myself.  I did talk to an alternative doctor about adrenal from the last town I lived in.  He was very helpful.  My current doctor is concentrating on learning about gluten and celiac so that is really cool.  I sent her an email about this web site.  She is very busy but she will likely look here eventually. 

I did find 2 of my meds have corn in them.  oh brother, now I have to find out if there is a pharmacy who will make a special compound for me and deal with the insurance companies.  grrrrrrr  I am going to go grain free after Thanksgiving.  good  bye my beloved rice and corn.  I am so hoping this restores my health.  If it doesn't I don't know what will.    I guess I didn't think about looking into corn and rice in my gluten free shampoos etc.   I am reading a Paleo diet book which sound very much the same .  Let's keep in touch and see how we progress.  🙂Laugh