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I’m 32 and have been gluten free for about nine or ten months. I was forced to go dairy free about three months ago. I realized that when I used real butter or ate cheese it made me just as sick as gluten, even though the duration of symptoms was shorter. It seems I’m also uber sensitive to the preservative BHT, and large amounts of potatoes also trigger gastric problems (by large, as in one med- sm baked potato or a small snack size pack of chips). I can sometimes get away with chopped potatoes in soup, but I suspect I should try to avoid even that.


A little less than two years ago, after the stress of a divorce and a horrid case of the stomach flu, my intestines went into revolt. The damage-repair cycle they had maintained spiraled out of control to the point that on average I had maybe two good meals a week, after which I would bloat and feel nauseaus, have horrid stomach cramps, and could only eat tiny amounts of anything until my system recooperated. Add in that my hormones began to act up even more. Cysts that used to be a once in awhile occurance happened monthly. I got sick easily, no matter what I did.

I went to my PCP, a gastroenteroligist, discussed hormones, IBS, GERD. I knew the hormones triggered nausea, but I also knew they weren’t the root cause. I didn’t have GERD, and argued with the gastroenterologist about IBS. I’m in school, studying for a PhD in medicinal chemistry. I know a fair amount of biology and IBS is an inflammatory response. It’s a symptom; not a disease. I refused to take pills and I did not agree with his “I need more fiber” conclusion. I prefered eating high fiber cereals to artifical fiber supplements. When I tried that it KILLED my intestines. I was doping up on gluten and not even realizing it. At my urging, he tested me for Celiacs, but it was negative.

It wasn’t until my grandmother was diagnosed that I went gluten free. She tested negative as well, but her doctor insisted on the scope, and given that she’s over seventy, she was well into the Celiac disease state. Her sister has Celiacs. My sister is gluten sensitive. My three kids are, and after researching the information on this website, I suspect it runs in my mom’s family too. I’ve had intestinal problems since infancy, so I suspect I got a double does of “I hate gluten” genes. 😀

I haven’t gone grain free, as I was unaware that other grains had gluten. Oats don’t seem to have much, and as long as they are certified GF I can eat a big bowl of oatmeal and I feel great. I wonder if I’m sensitive to other grains though.

Is Dr. Osborne the only glutenologist (*sigh* I used to live in Houston, but not now)?


Is a glutenologist a type of Dr.? I live in the Virginia Beach area of Virginia and would like to look for a Dr.