Lori Quandtfarmwife67

Welcome – you will have a lot of support here. There are a lot of recipes here. Also, you can search any paleo diet recipes because that is basically what we eat here. Some use sugar, milk (etc) and some don't but you can adjust most recipes you find on these sites to fit your food needs.  I also visit http://www.spunkycoconut.com, both of these ladies have cookbooks.  On facebook there is a lady that goes by grainfreemom, she has a cookbook and many good ideas. I also periodically google grainfree recipes and candida recipes, you will be surprised how many pop up.  Your daughter will have to get used to fixing her own foods to take to these parties.  I have learned to make my own crackers (recipe from elanaspantry) and hummus. I also take fruits and veggies to a lot of stuff.  There are a lot of desserts she can have but, she will need to make them herself.  She will feel so much better, not eating all of that processed stuff (even gluten free foods in the supermarket are processed so much, they are not healthy).  If you can't figure out how to do something or have ANY questions, you have found the place for answers. Just post on the forum and within a couple of days someone usually will answer it.  It will be so much easier for her if all of you follow the diet and I am sure you find you all start feeling better.Wink