I hear your frustration! It seems overwhelming, but you will all get better if you are able to follow a gluten free lifestyle along with finding out all of your sensitivities/allergies. You will be surprised to find out where all these items are (especially where they are hidden). I always said that I was born in the wrong era, if you know what I mean. I feel I need to eat off my land. That way I know where the items/food come from and what is in it. The more basic and natural the ingredients are the better off, I believe, everyone would be. You will always haave to watch for cross-contamination, everywhere, but it can be done.

Just remember, don’t give up even if you have a setback (which will happen from time to time). Just brush yourself off, take a deep breath and try again. It will be hard, from time to time, but your not alone in this journey!

Wishing you all well in your journey to health! Keep us posted! We are here with any advice we maybe able to give.