Shelly BinkleyShell

OH MY Yell 


I don't understand how someone can't see the importance in this.  I read your story

and it sounded familiar and I was wondering why and then it came to be

Jenny McCarthy talks about her THEN husband doing the same thing with their

son in her book “Louder Than Words”.  A very good book on Autism.  She found that

the glutens (etc.) were causing him to have Autism.  Amazing must read book! 

My girlfriend passed away young, and left behind a beautiful son who has Autism.  I was drawn to this book Smile and now I want to get her others…good reading and learning. 


I agree with D. O here, and if you can see D. O maybe that would be worth your travels. 


If you get your child diagnosed and he still continues to feed her wrong wouldn't that be considered endangerment?  Hmmm?


I wish you the best.