Ariella WellsAriella6

I guess i didn't put anything about myself in here.  I imagine that i am probably also genetically gluten sensitive – possibly celiacs.  Though i am not so worried about diagnosis.  I KNOW gluten doesn't make me feel good so i stay away from it.  I developed asthma, endometriosis, hypo-thyroid, CFS, bad bad acne… all at a young age 19 to 20.  Drs at that time couldn't help me so i went off on my own path and found a change in diet was able to heal most of those things.  I cleaned up my diet.  To eating mostly whole foods – fruits, veggies, beans, fresh juices, green smoothies.  Basically i cut out all the grains and sugars.  I lost a lot of weight and felt better than I had in a LONG time.  Pregnancies and stress with my ex has been hard on my body and my job (i teach group fitness classes) and i believe i am fighting adrenal fatigue at hte moment. So that is a little tough.  I have really struggled with gluten craving since my ex filed the court stuff in april.  Prior to that i had no trouble with avoiding gluten/corn/grains….. So that would probably also explain why i dont feel as good as i did.  I am trying to find other ways to handle my stress and give me a pick me up instead of turning to food.  Anyhoo.  staying away from the grains really does work and i am so thankful i was led to this place by following instinct and listening to my body so i am better able to help my children with their sensitivities/intolerances.Laugh