Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Welcome McDream!  I have to agree with Jackie, my wife and I are 65y.o. and just discovered our CD/GS answer in Oct.2011 and that's been a long lifetime of suffering with no diagnostic help from our medical providers. Don't dwell on what could/should have been but look forward.  We both knew something like this was wrong with me but never was led in the right direction. After both going on the GF diet for me we discovered that she has the CD/GS problem too but it shows somewhat different symptoms than mine.  I do know that you can't cheat and fool your body,  the longer you stay totally away from the gluten from wheat/rye and barley the more your system will be more sensitive and react bad to any “hidden” or accidental glutening.  Then you will also find that the supposedly safe grains, etc. (according to many other websites and groups),  will also make you sick and messed up too.  Many of the “gluten/gliaden only” folks will explain this as cross-contamination and ignore/dismiss all the newer research and clinical findings that show there are many other grain proteins and enzymes at work in this disease/health issue.  Your research with Dr. O and other sites will inform you that “gluten free” processed foods are NOT gluten-free either and the Gov't allows them to advertise legally with up to 20 ppm of gluten in their product. I feel sure that most of our bodies “sense” and react to much less that and some folks are super-sensitive and even 3 ppm will make them ill.  Even with trying to be careful and eliminating as much offending food as possible there will be surprises and a learning process but your health will improve all along the way and many things will resolve.  With time there will even be small things that you were living with that stop being a nuisance.    Think about some “safe” supplements that Dr. O can help you with to more quickly restore the probiotics and possible vitamin deficiencies and then work hard to stay away from the gluten/grains/soy that are poison for folks like us who want to be well and feeling good.  Up until Oct. when we made this discovery my left knee hurt so bad I couldn't do much exercising and thought I would be getting knee replacement when the pain became too much.  Now I have NO pain anywhere and walk a few miles each day and up to an hour on my Gazelle exerciser machine. Just keep working on it,  the gluten and grain products are addicting and take a bit of will-power to overcome!