Jacqueline ScarbroughJackie Scarbrough

First of all welcome to you McDream!  Something in particular you said has crossed my mind more than once:  “Wow, what would life had been like if it had been caught in my early childhood.”  Not to get too much into the emotional/psychological side of all this, but I think it bears mentioning.  I read this somewhere and have come to realize that in order to move forward we have to be especially careful not to dwell in the past.  I doesn't sound like you are, from what you're saying you sound very optimistic and grateful to be where you are now.  For me, I've found these are dangerous thoughts that tend to linger around once they've crept in, it happens occassionally.  I become full of contempt, bitter and angry, which definately does not help the current situation.  It sounds like you are definately on the right track now as I hope we all are.  It certainly can be a long haul, for many of us years into the healing process but like you said, so glad that we all found Dr. O!