Thank you Ann for sharing your story! I too just accepted and lived with the fibromyalgia pain (the medical profession couldn’t help, for too long, until removing gluten. I was told, by the specialist, when diagnosed with fibromyalgia, “Your not going to die from it, but there are going to be times you wish you were dead!”. Boy, what help that gave me!

Thanks for the encouraging words regarding rotational diets, from yourself and also from Diana. I have buckled down, the last few days, to really focus on a rotational diet, to see if this may be my missing link. I also started “thinking about myself and my needs”, which you all know as mothers we don’t do. Hopefully this will be the key to being able to fully heal my gut!

It can be very discouraging and extremely time consuming, but we have to do what we have to do in order to heal.

There are times, when we feel we don’t have the strength to fight on and just accept our lives as they are. But, we must push forward, for ourselves! We only have one life and that one is even too short, if you know what I mean.

Speedy recovery to all!