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I believed I figured this out. Anyways, I am having a hard time trying to figure out what I can eat. I have multiple food and chemical sensitivities, candida, fibromyalgia (diagnosed over 20 yrs ago) and have a huge issue with gluten. I purchased all the cookbooks from Dr. O and a lot of the recipes I can’t use because of either food sensitivities or it feeds my candida. This is so frustrating!! Is there anyone else out there who is going through what I have been (my whole life) and still am going through? I can’t take any suppliments as I have reactions to nearly everything out there. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have been looking into a variety of cookbooks and food preparation ideas. I can see myself substituting some of the ingredients for what is more tolerable for my son and myself. It is going to be time consuming I know, but I think very worth while.

It is never easy being sensitive to so many things around you especially what goes into your mouth. I feel for you.
It is going to take patience, perseverance, trial and error to figure all this out, but determination goes a long way.

I’ve been dealing with my own health issues for over 15 years as well as my son’s and it hasn’t been easy.

My son and I had trouble with candida many years ago, before I even heard about gluten. We were both dealing with some health issues and the medical community was offering more medications than I wanted near my son or myself. So, we went to a naturopath who helped us rid our bodies of the candida. I wish I knew about our gluten status way back then. Anyway, the naturopath encouraged a diet with low sugar intake to avoid feeding sugar to the candida. He put us both on probiotics and nutritional supplements. Eating a healthy diet was encouraged. I felt better for a short while and my son’s asthma settled somewhat, but it wasn’t a true fix.

At that time my son was sensitive to quite a variety of foods and supplements, so it was somewhat difficult to know what was affecting him and what to feed him. We rotated and eliminated foods. We eliminated dairy as well and this seemed to help his asthma and his rash. These treatments helped to a certain degree, but they never really cleared the ongoing health issues.

I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago. My muscles and joints ache all day, everyday-I’m use to it now.

Today, as I look back at all we’ve both been through with our health-the appointments, disappointments, treatments, supplements, costs-I can’t help but wonder if gluten is and has always been the main culprit for us?? Food for thought!

With everything I’ve researched, studied, read, and wondered about-removing gluten as the first step to a new foundation seems to make sense. I feel that once we do our best to remove the main identified irritant (gluten) and heal our damaged bowels, our bodies will be better able to cope and tolerate other foods that we are now sensitive too. I am hopeful.

We don’t use table sugar, only organic honey and/or agave syrup. We are both able to tolerated limited dairy, but I am now almost sugar and dairy free and I feel better without them. I use rice milk, coconut milk, and almond milk. We can be sensitive to supplements so I try to buy ones that have the least amount of added ingredients especially sugars (fructose, sucralose) or sugar substitutes, also food colorings, that is sometimes hit and miss. It is good to take any new supplements in what I call a low and slow fashion if you are sensitive. If it says two, I start with one and work up to the full dose. All our supplements are gluten free. I’m looking into gluten and allergen free versions now.

A 5-day food rotational diet may be some help to you as well. Not having too much of or too many sensitive foods together might be easier on your system. Corn and large tomatoes can sometimes be bothersome, so I watch them too. I try to only use natural products around our bodies and our home to lessen the irritants.

We’ve got a lot on our plate-no pun intended.

I hope this helps you, take care. Ann