Thank you Dr. O!! I really have gained alot from your site and am sure there is more to come!

Kathryn, I try really hard to be strict and I go through boughts where it is not easy and I crave the food so much that I eat it, but for the most part I am pretty strict. I haven't reached a point yet where I am so meticulous about cutting board use or cross contamination in the kitchen, but I wish I was because I do believe that it would help.

I have been so confused about what is a grain and what is not, that I just eliminated evertything, even buckwheat and (I just dont have the patience to figure out how to get wild rice that isn't also containing other rice).  But RICE in general will make my skin itch. this is one grain I have no desire to touch…. just makes it easier for me not to eat processed foods because it is in everything!  

I just recently added buckwheat back in for a second time, but everytime we eat it my sons feet smell really bad, and I get under arm odor. I am not sure if this is a cleansing thing or a bad thing, but I am going to avoid it  because of that. I am also still nursing so I don't really want to cleanse right now.

Hope that was helpful! It is so helpful for me to be able to discuss these topics, since I don''t really have the 100% support at home.