And it's nice to be able to post!! For a while I thought there was a trick to it!


I have been grain free conscious… I do struggle… for over a year, and dairy free for a lot longer., and So is my two year old.  It all started with the awareness of how the gluten was contributing GREATLY to his colic, and since then I know it is right for us!  I do have challenging issues to face as far as my boy is concerned, because I do not want him to be SO 'different' growing up, and I want to make sure he is getting proper nutrition.    As for me, I am not feeling like I think I should feel at my age quite yet, but coupled with chiropractic and a little patience I feel that this diet is going to pay off in the long run.  After the 8 month mark (of grain free and chiropractic) my psoriasis began clearing IMMENSILY… and is almost completly gone!!!Laugh

I am very open to any discussions if any one is in a similar position as me!

Thanks again for the support!!