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Lori, that is wonderful! Hopefully this will be the case in more and more offices. I am very interested in the other replies we may get on this thread. I work in a Dr's office. If a patient asks my boss he usually just says that he doesn't believe there is “that big” a connection with diet and arthritis with the exception of gout but adds if they would like to try a particular diet it “probably wouldn't hurt”. He does know about my going gluten free last year and has seen the difference in me and my health but has not asked me much about it other than if I am “really feeling that different” and if so I should continue as it “seems to work for you”.  Unfortunately I am unable to share much of my story other than I am gluten free due to stomach issues when inevetably patients ask about my weight loss. One of our patients wispered in my ear that she had been gluten free for almost 2 yrs but had been afraid to say anything for fear the doctor would think her “crazy”. This is one of the folks I referred to in the original post that was only taking half the medication (anti-inflammatory) prescribed! Another is a post I saw on one of the many facebook pages I follow. I recognized the name as a patient we had seen in the distant past that never got very good results with anything we tried and eventually left in a huff promising never to return. If this is the same person it sounds like she is doing tons better! This got me to thinking and wondering.