Diane ZidesDiane Zides

I am deficient in B12, Vit. D, folic acid, and magnesium. I’m not digesting my food which doesn’t help me build back nutritional deficiencies easily. I recently had gastritis from eating a hidden intolerant food, which further disrupted my stomach lining function. After 4 weeks of healing from it, I had thyroiditis yesterday for the first time in ages. I might be far more sensitive to gluten then I realize. I found a pasta noodle in my steamed spinach days ago, and was fatigued for 3 days from it. My thyroiditis could have been gluten whiplash for all I know. I’m not willing to gluten myself again to find out if this is the case. That would be a bad idea and not very good for my thyroid function.

I’m aware supplements can be tricky and that the body may not recognize them completely like it does food. I was considering doing the Gaps diet to heal my stomach lining, unless the caveman diet which I’m on will do the job just as well even if it takes longer. As far as I know, my adrenal function was ok when tested this past July. It’s hard to know which approach to use. There are so many opposite opinions on what to do. Some doctors say we need a lot of iodine, some say it’s exactly what we should stay away from if we have Hasimoto’s. I’ll look into Jeff McCombs Candida therapy. Thanks for that info. It’s possible I need higher amounts of B12, etc. now. I haven’t been tested the last 4 months since I spent that time in Florida away from my doctor.