Norbert Banaszak jrredbird

Sounds great and hopefully you’ll be getting much better soon. Taking those tests will get the correct vitamins you need to regain good health. I can’t guess how many bottles of vitamins,probiotics,etc. are sitting in my cabinet…totally useless. Some of them caused me immediate negative symptoms and some were more subtle and only removed after I did more research. There are a lot of the cheaper supplements that are made with gluten for the filler. Also avoid the yeasts in your food and probiotics. It is probably better to eat some Activia yogurt occasionally for the good bacteria? As for safe supplements, I think you’re correct that Dr. O has available several necessary supplements and looks like some he has had specially formulated for patients with the CD/GS issues. Sure would be better than the “trial and error” and cabinet full of unsafe junk method!Laugh