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While we don’t have any thyroid/Hashimoto’s issues that we are aware of, our research has led us to a discovery that may help you both greatly. Our findings (without taking the vitamin deficiency tests for proof) led us to believe that we possibly are deficient in vitamin B-12 . This deficiency is common in people with the CD/GS disease and can cause all sorts of problems because gluten can prevent the absorption of B-12 from our food. We are both taking a Sublingual B-12 Methylcobalamin supplement that is helping a lot. My pollen allergies and toe neuropathy issues, along with brain/nerve problems causing insomnia and anxiety have lifted. My wife is having better circulation with no tingling in her fingers with more energy too. My research before going on the B-12 shows many disorders that improve and maybe totally resolve, and thyroid/Hashimoto’s discussed that is one of the problems that “could possibly” come from the deficiency of B-12. I’ll give the link to one of Dr. Osborne’s reports that shows his experience with B-12 deficiency in his patients and if you ask him I’m sure he will give further information/facts/testing/advice about how the B-12 supplement can help you and I see that he has them available to order from him too. Reports show B-12 doesn’t store up in our fat and even if we aren’t highly deficient the extra B-12 will not hurt but just pass through in the urine. I do remember that other’s who have taken a B-12 shot really get a boost and the sublingual is supposed to be as effective?
It appears that the link to the page doesn’t work here like when I e-mail so just go to your dashboard and in the “search” box type in; “anemia and low platelets”. That should get you there.

Anemia and Low Platelets – Is Gluten Sensitivity a Cause?