I hear you farmwife!!  We always had problems with regular, cheap white eggs and have been buying the brown omega 3's for years, but like I said since upping our daily intake, problems definitely arose Frown  I stubbornly ignored it, and took every.single.thing.else out of my diet to get better, and still didn't.  Eggs gone now for 24 hours and definitely starting to feel improvement.  This has been going on for OVER 2 weeks—-the insomnia and anxiety being the worst as I haven't slept through the night for the 2 weeks… awful!  I did find out that Chino Valley Farmers eggs don't feed their chickens wheat—and a call in to our local health food store I found out they can order them for me!  I know they feed them corn and soy, but I am thinking the no wheat will be the biggie for us.  I am going to try them anyways and see how we do—as you are right—-I can't imagine living now without eggs Surprised  I don't think we can afford the new Soy free, GF eggs from Chino Valley Farmers, but am happy at least they don't feed them wheat.  EVERY single other egg producer, organic or not, feeds their chickens wheat!  


It's funny, but now I am thinking that the 'problem's' I thought we had with a certifed GF almond flour may very well have been the huge flats of cheap eggs I was buying!  I got the Almond Flour Cookbook and all the recipes use large quantities of eggs.  Our entire family got VERY ill after a few weeks………..and now that I think back—the eggs!!!  


It's kind of funny that they are now acknowledging that soy allergic people can't tolerate reagular soy fed chicken eggs, but no acknowledgement of the wheat issue?!  I can now assure people—it IS very real!  Not only are humans what we eat, but so are animals.