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Hi Laura

We test for HLA-DQ alpha1 and beta1 gene alleles.  There is no alpha2 check.

If you brother is stricken with psoriasis and aplastic anemia, he needs to eat grain free and most likely dairy free.  In my experience, psoriasis requires dairy free as well. 

I would consider running a food allergy panel on him (both Ige and delayed hypersensitivity).  You should also have his b-vitamin levels checked.  Especially vitamin B-12.  Don’t look at serum levels, as the accuracy is questionable.  I recommend spectracell labs.  If you can’t access them in Spain, consider testing MMA (methylmalonic acid) and homocysteine levels. B-12 deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency (along with iron) in those with gluten sensitivity. 


As far as your health issues are concerned – It sounds like you might not be healing appropriately after the procedure.  You should have your nutritional levels checked.  Often times L-glutamine and vitamin C deficiency will postpone healing or prevent appropriate healing after scheduled trauma. 


All the best,

Dr. OSmile


Avoid coffee.  Never drink coffee.  Live by the three cardinal rules of nutrition:

1. You can’t achieve or maintain health eating unhealthy foods.

2. Never eat what you are allergic/intolerant/sensitive to.

3. If you feel bad after eating it, stop eating it.