Dear D. Osborne:

I am giving my brother your vitamin B12 supplements. He is also taking liquid K2 vitamin (it helps prevent mielodysplasia), your Ultra Inmune IgG Formula, vitamin A, vitamin C, probiotics, oligoelements, B complex with Magnesium (most of those supplements from the company Nutergya, grain and soy free).  

His platelet count specially persists down. He is on cyclosporine. He has been eating grain free, except for rice, for 7 montns now. He ate casein free for two months with no improvement a lot of inconveniences for him to keep so I am letting him eat milk and milk derivates.

Any new advices on how we could help him? I believe cyclosporine may be keeping low the platelets…


As for myself, I am taking vitamin C, Glutamin, (as you adviced) your B12 and Ultrainmmune IgG, the same supplements as my brother is except for k2 and I also take Zinc and Omega 3,6 supplements.  I believe maybe my photosensitivity and blurred night vision after refractive surgery may be because of lack of Zinc and Vitamin A partly…  

I have been performed the A200 test we have here: IgG against 200 different foods typical from the mediterranean diet, which is performed in Barcelona and, together with the Alcat test, is the only one we have. I have tested possitive to twelve different foods which I am avoiding, including wheat (I tested possitive after 1 year of GFD) but not gluten.

I have eaten grain and casein free for 7 months now (1 year of classical GFD before that). Although I am better, I still have numbness in my hands and forearms, tiredness and foggy mind, together with difficulty seening “contrasts and printed material in white paper” at night time with photosensitivity.

I do not know of any labs that perform analysis that check nutritional status here in Spain. I eat very healthy. Grain fed cow meat is too costy for me to afford, only.

Any new advice on more supplements, dietary change I should take? I believe I am “lacking something”. 


I once had vitamin B12 intramuscular given for one month during a stay in Kenya. I believed that ” awakened me and revitalized me”.  Is it possible that I dont absorb properly your sublingual methylcobalamine?? My brother hade his B12 levels checked by the haematologist and he had 6 folds the normal, so I truly believe it has large biodisponibility :-)


Thank you in advance.

And thanks for bringing me into the Gluten Summit which was simply wonderful.


Greatings from Spain,