I don’t think the doctor is necessarily to blame. They are trained and they are told what speeches to give. They really can only do what they have been taught, or they can lose their license. Unfortunatly, nobody can know everything about everyone’s body. We hope doctors will soon learn about gluten, but in the end and now we need to be responsible for our own health.

I don’t blame myself, because I didn’t know I was gluten intolerant. I don’t even think I am dumb. I kept doing what I knew. Doctors do just the same-keep doing what they know in attempts to help people. One person cannot know everything, even if they are called doctor. I am so glad that I finally know what my problem has been. Perhaps my family will not have to come to their whits end before considering not eating gluten.

I wish you well. I wish your doctor well too. I hope we can all learn from this and The Great Physician who during His first surgery created a woman.