Urska SustarUrska Sustar

It is hard to find a good Doctor,more harder its to find a real good Doctor.
I am from Slovenia,and the Dr.who is helping me is from Australia.I was totaly “down”,lost and really tired of my life-non stop dizzines,panick attacks after panick attacks and I was exousted from ataxia.
My friend -she have son,and the little boy didnt talk,he had epileptic attacks for every 6 secundes,he was nervous all the time,screaming…The Dr.thought that he is suffering from Autism.Your son is having autism-and thats it.
She foud a Dr.in Australia,she send childs urin ,hair and that other thing-I DONT KNOW HOW TO WRITE IN ENGLISHLaugh.The results were shocking-he was toxicated with gluten over95% and also casein.He havent got celiac diesase,but he is gluten intolerant.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hes mum eliminated all gluten,milk,casein product and she started with high doses of vitamins,minerals and probiotic.
Today the boy is healty,he is free of epileptic attacks,he speaks…But our Dr.still ignore this MIRACLE.
I am also taking the vitamins,minerals,probiotic and i feel great.My ataxia is gone…..I feel alive!
And about Dr.Osborne-he really knows everything in details about gluten.I wish that were more Dr.like him-but they re not born yetSmile
I am so happy that I found his gluten free society.