Ariella WellsAriella6

Sprouted/Dehydrated Nut Snack

3 cups buckwheat

            Wash in
sieve.  Soak for a few hours and then
drain well.  Let sit overnight in a cool,
dark place.  Soak again for a couple of
hours in the am.  Drain well and let sit
until ready to put all the nuts together.


3 cups ground

            Once ground
add 3 ½ cups water and let sit 2 – 4 hours.


1 cup almonds (this
smaller amount within the whole batch should be fine)

            Soak overnight and then remove


2 cup sunflower seeds

            Soak overnight and then rinse
well, pouring off most of the skins.



These following
ingredients are “to taste”.


½ cup olive oil

1 cup agave (I
normally use 2 cups, but that’s just me. 
You decide for the kids) I’m also usually making bigger batches, more
nuts and seeds.

1 TBS vanilla

1 or 2 teas salt


I put everything to soak overnight.  The next morning I put up the things that
need more time (pumpkin seeds) to soak. 
Later I put the “shorts soaks” up (sesame seeds) and then I start the
putting everything together putting the “short soaks” last.