Saroj EkkaSaroj Ekka

That tells me that Gluten Sensitivity means no-grains. Its difficult to digest as well as follow, especially in family where others are ok and does not have any reason yet to get tested. Last Year I lost 19 pounds and was very active. I was exercise aerobic as well as weights too. I was eating everything But I had occurances of constipation, brain fog and sense that I have too much to do.

This year, I am just walking 45 min in morning, Still loosing weight ( 4 pound in this year) but somehow feels something is not perfect. Like sometime gets too stressed, memory loss ( need to literally write very stuff) and fatigue. Now on Gluten free diet I feel more lazy.

Doesn't seems that this will work out well. How can we who live in CA can see Dr. Osborne.?