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Annette WinnAnnette

I totally can relate! My digestion is 80% paralyzed (according to a gastric emptying study), and all I can do is juice and make smoothies. I have been sooo sick for over a year. I have seen four doctors and they all tell me I have to live this way! I can’t eat. How do they expect me to “live” this way. They tell me if I become nutrient deficient, they will put a feeding tube in. I felt so discouraged until Dr. Osborne. He has helped me go on the “true gluten free” diet, eliminating all grains from my diet. Its been a nightmare. I even had to have my prescription thyroid medication made at a compound pharmacy without the “corn filler”! I was genetically tested and had 3 out of 4 markers which means it was on both my parents side. I have suffered from this my entire life and never knew it til the damage was so severe, I couldn’t eat. I felt like I had eaten a turkey dinner all the time, even though I hadn’t eaten anything in days. They removed my gallbladder and the symptoms didn’t go away.

Try juicing your fruits and veges. I can’t eat them either because the fiber causes too much pain and fullness. When I juice them, I do much better. The damage from grains cause severe inflammation and that’s what causes the digestion problem. As you get all grains out of your diet, you will start to heal, but not until then. The general public is clueless when it comes to being “gluten free”. Gluten is in all “grains”. You will have to check out the ingredients in your makeup, hair products, lotions, etc. I had to throw everything away! This is the only way you will get well. Plus, I agree with Rita, get on the Max Digest, etc. It helps digest your food. Unfortunately, I just started on it and haven’t seen an improvement yet, but I now have “hope”! I wish you the very best!